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Facebook Posting 101 - Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Exploring The New Algorithm

The Newsfeed:

Facebook wants to show people posts that are relevant for them and that match a person's interest. The algorithm chooses which posts to display in a person's newsfeed based on a couple factors:

  • Inventory: The algorithm looks at all available posts to present in the newsfeed.

  • Engagement: How likely is someone going to engage with this post based on past behaviours and how have others engaged with the post since it was published?

  • Ranking signal/score: The algorithm gives the post an overall ranking signal / ranking score and presents it in the newsfeed depending on the score the post receives. Higher score = Higher on the newsfeed.

Previously Facebook had a harder focus on:

  • How much time do people spend on the post?

  • When the post was published?

  • What was the overall engagement of that post?

  • What type of post (video, photo, text).

Recent changes to the algorithm in 2020 have put a heavier focus on a post's Engagement (comment, reacting, sharing). The algorithm will now favour posts with lots of interactions. These are also called Active Actions.

On average only around 5.5% of your followers will see your posts. Big companies will thousands/millions of followers can expect even less -there is a part of the algorithm that supports the little guy. Building a relationship with your audience can do wonders for your online platforms and help you connect with your community in real life.

Here are 4 simple ways for businesses, non-profits and anyone with a facebook page for your brand to utilize the new Facebook algorithm:

1) Stay Engaged: Keep your audience engaging with your organization's post by also staying engaged. React and reply to comments, be quick with responding to messages. Think of posts that will continue the engagement. It's not a one sided conversation from your audience, they want to interact with you / your organization.

2) Consistency: Just like when you're going to the gym to build muscle and get healthy, have the mindset of:

Consistency over Intensity.

Take it from me, I worked as personal trainer for several years. Consistency is what builds something that is solid and lasting. Stay consistent with the frequency of posts, consistent with interactions, consistent with the voice of your brand etc. What I mean by Intensity of posts is something like: posting a bunch for a week and then going MIA for another 2 weeks before posting again, or posting an expensive promo video out of no where and expecting a lot fo engaging when you weren't active on your social media leading up to the video post. The algorithm likes consistency, your audience likes consistency and you can develop a habit of consistently posting (stay tuned for more articles and tools for helping you build consistency).

2) Keep it visual: Around 90% of the information our brain receives is non-verbal, when people are scrolling through the feed they are more likely to take in visual information over text. Our brains process visual information 60,000 times better than reading text. The Facebook algorithm knows this and favours posts with clear visuals.

When using words, keep it short and simple and let the photo/ video/ infographic do the talking.

4) How can your audience see your posts?: Let your audience know how they can keep seeing your post show up in their Newsfeeds by mentioning the "See First" button on your page:

Keep connecting, stay consistent, build your community of supporters online and in real life!

Thanks for reading!

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